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“Tips to Start Email Marketing”

You'll learn the art of creating and delivering email marketing campaigns

Complementary Holiday One Hour (or Less) Online Workshops
from D.Harold (The Baby Boomer)

This holiday, you will have a lot of down time, and in some instances, especially when traveling; it will be just you and your smart phone, pad or laptop.

In less than an hour, you can learn “Tips to Start Email Marketing” on your smart phone, pad or laptop.

Get Started Now!

You Can Do This!

The email marketing strategies you need to know to run a successful campaign is not that complicated. You must learn:

1)  How to choose a beautiful email …

2)  To customize a beautiful email …and

3)  How-to-deliver a beautiful email

Grow Your Client List!

Next, you must learn:

1)  How-to market your business or organization,

2)  How-to get more prospects or donors,

3)  How-to "WOW!" your clients, and

4)  How-to retain them.

Save Time!

Charge-up that smart phone, pad or lap-top, as we take you step-by-step through the process of creating and sending an effective email.

That’s it.

No rocket science; No morning, afternoon or evening meetings; no tests; No expensive travel time; no expensive hotel cost………Just Do it!

Get Started Now!

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